Design Phases with Edgewater Design Group

Commercial Architects Petoskey Michigan

This is an overview of the design process as specific to our firm. Four phases are discussed – Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents.

Pre-Design Phase with Edgewater Design Group

Design Architects Petoskey, MI

This video introduces the work and discussion that take place before the design process. It discusses three key topics: the Building Site, the Budget and the Project Program.

Schematic Design Phase with Edgewater Design Group

Architects In Traverse City, MI

This video showcases a discussion of the schematic design phase and how our office approaches this critical phase of custom home design.

Design Development Phase with Edgewater Design Group

Architects Petoskey, MI

This is the middle portion of the Design Process, preceded by Pre-Design and Schematic Design – and followed by the Construction Documents.

Construction Documents Phase with Edgewater Design group

Petoskey, MI Architects

This video explains the final phase in the design process for a project. The Construction Documents Phase incorporates engineering and very specific drawings to complete a substantial set of drawings for their clients. This set of drawings becomes part of the client’s contract with their builder.